Hey! So glad to share with you the earnings of my life

This is what I earned till now — The most precious lessons

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1)Never beg anyone to stay , you are a river meant to have its own flow , keep flowing till the journey gets over.

2)Learn to Forgive people , as life is too short to carry grudges.

3)Never fear to face pain , the more it hurts , the better way it heals and even more beautifully you grow.

4)Learn to keep things private ,share when you feel like and only to who understands, rather just listen.

5)Communicate to those who are interested to know what you are up to, talk to different people , as the variety you meet , the attractive your vibe grows.

6)Help people to help yourself , because when you take up others with you , you really GROW.

7)Life is cruel but you be so loveable towards it that life cant stop itself from falling in love with you.

8)Learn to give love and spread happiness, never search for the return. Surely you will be rewarded soon , stay patient , because everything has its own time.

9)Love yourself entirely by accepting all your flaws , try to be the someone you need for yourself.

10)People will judge you always , you decide what will be good for you and just take the step. There are different ways to observe but only one way to understand , that is to feel. Mark it , that no one can feel you the way you do.

11)Stop craving to have someone to hold you, this will destroy your life. You will meet people for sure , they will be a part of your story and if they are meant to stay they will, even if it ends be happy you met them , just move on…..there is so much more left to explore.

12)Taking a step ahead needs courage, choice is yours either be courageous enough to face all or coward to sit at that point and cry as you have had a fall. Its difficult to turn the page , but it will be much more miserable if you wont.

13)You are imperfect , Mistakes will happen , Past will surely sometimes haunt……believe me its completely normal. You are a human after all , trust me , this will MAKE you.

14)Distance yourself from those who disrupt your peace. Its not necessary but its compulsory.

15)Learn to take stand for yourself…..just give respect to who you are. Because you are developing from all your struggles and this really needs to be given concern. SELF RESPECT ON TOP.

16)Be kind enough to beautify someone's life and strong enough to turn your back when they are not kind towards your life.

17)Whether someone celebrates or not , you deserve to cherish all the small achievements , pamper yourself because the only real forever I found is your soul. Treat yourself , because you are a wonderful mess , learning to bloom like a flower.

18) Failing ,losing , struggling , falling is crucial enough. To enjoy the sweetness to the core , you need to feel what makes it peaceful by tasting or experiencing other flavors. Whatever life throws at you , it will ultimately make you travel better. Be happy life chose you and felt that you are capable to fight. Every negatives has positives, so next time don't complain , there is a reason for it too and once it leaves, you will learn and love to LIVE.

19)Make your life a book of experiences , learnings , vibes and inspirations that people read even when you leave your presence.

20)Life is very short , just stop paying attention to anything and everything that stops your growth. Cry out to smile loud, those who don't deserve words gift them your silence but BE GOOD IN YOUR EYES ,whatever you do make sure it will lead your life to peace.

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keep smiling:)

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